Indraprastha Design Co.

Crafted by Passion. Inspired By Culture.

Our Story

We are a creative agency that harnesses the power of the collective to create wonders for growing business, start-ups & enterprising individuals. We pool resources and efforts to deliver to our clients, the best quality of marketing at even better prices. We offer SEO | SMO | Website Design | Social Media Management & Branding Services,  accelerated by Co-Market Solutions so that you can build your dreams. 

Indraprastha City was created not by time or convenience but by perseverance and deliberate skill. The city was forged in the flames of Agni and crafted to perfection by Maya. It was a city that was built on defiance to the norm and yet became the envy of the norm. It is this grand philosophy that drives every designcopy, and code at Indraprastha Design Co.  

We are a start-up, created with a purpose to collect the great art and culture that surrounds us and help deliver it to businesses. We facilitate corporation and co-branding between our clients to create an ecosystem that helps propel your dreams. We aim to be a collective of creative individuals, working together, to create our own Indraprastha. 

Choose Your Style


How can we create a uniform entry process for the many growing businesses and enterprising individuals we plan to serve. If you want to know more about our services, pricing, or our company, contact us.


We offer a unique Shared CRM System along with Co-Branding Ecosystem that allows growing businesses to get customers at the cheapest rates. We also provide a wide assemblage of digital marketing services from copywriting, social media assistance, website design to content curation & branding services.


We handpick the best opportunities for collaboration between clients from different segments and help them pool marketing resources in a manner that drives costs down and launches sales up. Contact us to know more about these services.

Indraprastha Is Your Journey

As a start-up ourselves, we know how difficult marketing can be, especially in the world of social distancing. If you are a growing business owner or an enterprising individual with a penchant for fitness, art, poetry, cooking, or something even more unique; Indraprastha has space for you to grow. We will take up the design that your vision needs and free you of the tens of problems digital marketing brings so that you can do what you do best, your passion. We offer custom consultations and create a plan tailored to your needs. Go through our product offerings or connect with us right away!

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