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We believe everyone needs their web presence. Our goal is to harness the collective & deliver low-cost, high-quality solutions for the rapidly modernizing India. In keeping with that grand endeavour, we bring Indraprastha Hosting Platform.

Built using cutting edge technologies & software, the Indraprastha Hosting Platform uses high-performance servers (using ARM/Intel-based on compatibility) alongside technologies like OpenLiteSpeed/NGNIX, ExpessJS, VarnishCache, Redis, CloudFlare & Docker to enable a secured, convenient, cost-effective & reliable managed hosting platform.

Our Pricing

The pricing is a mixture of pay-per-usage & fixed standards, making the process fair and easy to understand. Without going into a lot of technicalities, we have broken the costing into three major components: Bandwidth, Storage & Compute. Each is charged separately. The combined total of all three makes your final hosting cost.


This is the amount of data our servers have transferred to the internet. Bandwith is based upon the number of website views, the more views you get, the higher the bandwidth. For example, if your website only has a 30 KB image and is viewed 400 times, the bandwidth would be 30KB*400 = 12 MB (approx)

Usage Tier Pricing
Up to 50 GB - Per Year Rs. 10 / GB
Up to 200 GB - Per Year Rs. 8 / GB
Up to 1000 GB - Per Year Rs. 5 / GB


This is the total size of the files, images, videos and other data on your website. By dividing the cost into monthly increments, we allow you to pay based on sales cycles, this is especially useful for people with lots of documents, images and videos on their site that scale up over time.

Usage Tier Pricing
Up to 100 MB Free
Up to 3 GB Rs. 20 / GB - Per Month
Up to 10 GB Rs. 18 / GB - Per Month


For creators that use resource-heavy CMS Platforms, we charge a standard Rs. 600 Per Year for computing. For users with static websites, lightweight code (PHP, Express.JS, Django) we do not charge any compute fee. Unless you are doing something may to amazing, the Indraprastha Hosting Platform takes care of your computing needs.

How are you charged?

We use a nifty algorithm to analyze your bandwidth, storage & compute usage and predict your website hosting charges. This system however takes some time, so to onboard your website, you just need to pay Rs. 500/- and in most cases that would be enough for a year. In case, your usage exceeds the credits from the initial payment, we would contact you for the same.

Why Indraprastha Hosting Platform?

  • 100% Managed Hosting Services & Excellent Service
  • Free SSL Certificate & Secure Platform
  • 99% Uptime: Delivering quality & consistency, just like you.
  • Data Back-Ups, Indian Servers & Lightning Fast Speeds

At Indraprastha Design Co, we take great pride in possessing key technologies & know-how's that serve our clients better. We operate an intricate network of servers (both on cloud & bare-metal) that enable us to provide managed hosting solutions for an astounding price. As an extended bonus, all clients who avail of our Reach Optimization & Website Design Services, get free access to one year of web hosting. Here are some more frequently asked questions.

Does web hosting come with an e-mail service as well?

No, developing a reliable e-mail service is a tedious task and we have not yet been able to develop a service we are proud to put out. However, we will help our clients with setting up their custom domain using 3rd Party E-Mail Services such as G-Suit & Zoho, for both of which, we are partnering.

Do I need to get my website designed with you for hosting?

No, we want to enable your digital journey in any way that best suits your needs. You can feel free to get your website designed by any 3rd Party Developer or Agency and host it worry-free on our platform for this low price.

How do I reduce my hosting price?

Reducing image sizes, avoiding large audio & video content or offloading them on platforms like YouTube, Spotify etc are some ways. For business clients, we can have a free consultation that entails platform optimization for you as well.

Need help

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