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Search Engine + Social Media Optimization

Social Media convinces customers but Search Engine Optimization & Advertisements get customers. You are unique, but like everyone, when you need something, google is where you go. Let us use that instance and help your customers search you out. We offer simple solutions for complicated stuff like page speed insights, backlinks, content, meta, and much more so that when customers think about your industry, they find you first.

The service of reach optimization takes a more holistic approach than its search-engine optimization CounterPath. Here, we optimize all digital touchpoints, simultaneously to ensure that whether a customer looks you up Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube or LinkedIn, your brand remains the top pick.

Skyrocket Visibility

So, what all do we mean when we say reach optimization? What do you get by selecting this package?

  • Brand unification across social channels
  • Social Media Search Optimization
  • Website modifications
  • Listing & Landing Page Creation is needed

A more detailed overview of what we do is a matter of mystery. But rest be assured, we give a 100% Guarantee, that by the end of our engagement, we will have achieved a ranking position in all your selected keywords. Still, wondering?

How do we approach Reach Optimization?

We do a full-scale Search Report at the onset of every engagement. This report gives recommendations about the services & work required along with the work ahead. This report requires a one-time, nominal payment of Rs. 999.

Once the report is discussed, based on that, we start further actions that can last from a month to more than a year.

How does pricing work for Reach Optimization?

The analysis report of the project requires an upfront, one-time payment of Rs. 999. After that, based on the report a proper pricing plan is drawn up. This can be a one-time cost or a monthly engagement fee based on the among of work required.

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