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Content Marketing Gold Mine: Blogging's Rise Image

20 May

Customers nowadays are spoiled for choice when it comes to most products. The rise of social media giants has enabled brands to track and monitor customers with ease, resulting in customers being bombarded with advertising content. Content Marketing is a method by which brands can develop close relationships with their customers, for a long term without recurring costs of advertising.

What is Blogging?

The page that you are reading right now, is our blog page for Indraprastha Design. If you have a look around the internet, you will realize that most websites have some form of blogs if they are serious businesses. While the blogs differ on quality, quantity and other factors, there are 3 Key advantages to maintaining a blog page:

  • Providing an incentive for people who are looking for solutions to their problems, to visit your website.
  • Providing answers to key questions and use cases for your product, thus reducing the need for customer service.
  • Establishing a content flow for your website to aid in Search Engine Optimization.

Thus, by creating content in the brand's industry, a brand can silently reach more people. However, not all blogs are winners. The way search engines work, there are key quality indicators that filter the bad content from the really good. Thus, making it such that only brands creating genuinely useful & original content can truly derive benefits from the operation.

Content Marketing & Blogging

Content Marketing essentially means integrating your brand inside entertaining or valuable content not directly about the brand. This is different to advertising where the objective is to drive an action directly, while for content marketing the objective is to implant the brand in the customers lifestyle and thus build familiarity. There are multiple ways to do content marketing.

From witty ads of Amul, to the photography of Apple the concept is hiding advertising in more interesting forms of content. However, having a team of dedicated illustrators, video makers or in the case of Apple, an army of loyal photographers might not be viable for most businesses. Thus, blogging sits in that sweet spot where it isn't that difficult to make it out of the reach for most brands but also not that easy resulting in an over-saturated market. Thus, the perfect goldmine.

Best Tips For Blogging

  • While this sounds cliched, quality does truly impact the blog. Having a copy pasted excuse will not result in Search Engine action. Even on a personal level, if a user ends up dissatisfied with the content of your brand, that translates as bad optics for you.
  • If you are writing, have proper Keywords in mind, optimize your content on the basis of these keywords and try use images, videos & other media wherever possible to break down the monotony of text.
  • Pace your blog writing and distribution, being regular with uploads is far better than uploading a massive dumb of blogs at once.
  • Cover content that you would want to read, researching a topic and writing the best findings can not only help in marketing but also increase your knowledge.

Many people struggle with how to start writing, the topics to select and the exact structuring of content, a good way to start blogging is by reading quality content. Converciti is one such platform that nurtures blog writers and provides them with content that gives them an edge.